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Our Contribution.

Dedication, Purpose and Mission:

As Firefighters within the Montecito Fire District, our dedication to the Montecito community and our district is straightforward and unwavering. It is both our purpose and our mission to serve the community.

Our Commitment To The Montecito Community:

Responsibility & Privilege

It is our job to save the lives of anyone who may be at risk due to fire, smoke, gases, or other circumstances during private and/or community natural dangers or disasters. It is also our responsibility and privilege.

Duty & Promise

It is our duty to extinguish fires and to do so with as little damage as possible to your property from fire or water.

Preparation & Readiness

We are prepared. In the event of disaster or other emergency situations, we are ready and expect to be called up to perform acts that are deemed necessary for the safety of the public.

Striving & The Future

Prevention is key to the safety and protection of human life and property and in the stewardship of our environment. We strive to prevent fires by way of prevention ordinances and education.

We respond to all types of incidents including, but not limited to:

  • All fires
  • Medical emergencies
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Alarms ringing
  • Technical rescue
  • Unknown type emergencies
  • Hazardous materials
  • Public service assists

Mutual Aid Statewide

Through the Office of Emergency Services (OES), we are involved with mutual aid that extends throughout the local area as well as statewide.

Medical and Life Support:

Montecito and Beyond

We provide Paramedic level Advanced Life Support services to our community’s citizens as well as those in the surrounding area.

Emergency Transport

Unless the local private ambulance company (AMR) is overburdened and unavailable, we do not provide transport services.

Equipment and Overhead Personnel:

Search And Rescue Vehicles

The Montecito Fire Department has one of the few Medium (Type 2) Urban Search and Rescue Vehicles which is certified by the State OES.

Overhead Personnel

The Department also provides overhead personnel to the USDA Forest Service and other agencies when responses for large incidents need additional resources.

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