Some Questions People Ask Us

Do you have to go to a fire academy to get hired?

Yes.  You must have attended a fire academy and a CA state FF I Certification or equivalent FF Academy is required to be hired here at MFD.

Do you have to be a paramedic to work for MFD?

No.  Although we do have paramedics on duty all the time, you can be an EMT to work here.  There is a paramedic at each station and the rest of the crew are EMTS.

Do you guys go on wildland fires?

Yes, we go on wildland fires all the time during the year.  It has become a very large part of our job and we are constantly training/learning to improve our knowledge of wildland fires.

How do you maintain your equipment and vehicles?

We perform daily and weekly checks on them ranging from checking fluids and tire pressures to pulling off equipment and making sure everything operates properly. Each first out apparatus gets wiped down daily to maintain a clean fleet.

About skillsets: How do the shift personnel get chosen and grouped together?

Shifts are comprised of one Battalion Chief, two Captains, two Engineers, three Firefighter Paramedics, and three Firefighter EMT’s.  The department tries to spread out different experience amongst the shifts.  Each person has a different background and skillset they bring to the department.  These backgrounds are taken into account and shifts are grouped together to encompass the best variety of strengths possible.

What kinds of continuing training do you engage in?

We train on everything.  Each month typically covers a different discipline.  It ranges from ladder training to hose training, EMS skills, Hazmat training, and everything in between.

What are some examples of the work-related projects you do? 

Work related projects consist of planning fundraisers, the pancake breakfast, performing walk troughs’ of target hazards and pre-planning for emergencies.  Each person in the department wears different hats and has their own projects or assignments to take care of.  We try to distribute the work to make it more manageable for everyone to handle.

During disasters, how do you take care of yourselves?

As long as we have food and water to sustain energy, we really just rely on each other to make it through emergencies.  Maintaining close relationships with the people on your crew make it much easier to get through the tough times.  The fire department is our second family and we treat it as such.

What is your schedule?

We work 24 hour shifts at a time.  Shift starts at 0800 and ends at 0800 24 hours later.  We work 4 shifts in a 7 day period with a day off in between each shift. Check out our daily schedule on the Station Life page.

Do you sleep at the station?

Yes.  We sleep as long as there are no emergencies during the night.  However, we must be ready to respond as soon as a call comes in.

How many people at the station at one time?

Station 1 has a minimum of 7 people each day staffing the station.  Station 2 has a minimum of 3 people each day staffing the station.

Do you eat meals together? Who cooks?

Yes! We do eat many of our meals together. Most all of us at the station have a dish we like to cook.  We rotate from shift to shift but like to cook together to build camaraderie.  We all pitch in at the beginning of our shift to buy food for dinner.  We specialize in BBQ and smoking food!