About us.

Who Are We?

The Montecito Firefighter’s Association is the non-union representative organization for the labor force of the Montecito Fire Protection District.

We represent not only Firefighters, but also Dispatch, Mechanic, Prevention, and Administrative personnel.

Why An Association?

Unions exist for several reasons, but two main reason are collective bargaining, and increased protection of employee rights. Both of these are a way of safeguarding the employee from an unfavorable working environment should the managers and the employees ever have a poor relationship.  The relationship that the Montecito Fire Protection District maintains with its management staff and its board of directors prevents it from needing an organized union.

The Montecito Firefighter’s Association prides itself on providing extraordinary care to the citizens, guests, and visitors of our area. The common goal of providing the best possible service to this community has and will continue to unite the board of directors, management, and the firefighters association in a way that negates the need for collective bargaining, or increased protection from adverse work environments. We strive to constantly improve our capability, knowledge, expertise and relationships in order to deliver a continually evolving service.